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Our Girls

This is Kopper Kats Diva Esmeralda of Eszencia, also fondly referred to as Missy. She’s petite and elegant, with a beautiful little face. Missy has a wonderful purrsonality, and the saying in our house is “everyone loves Missy, and Missy loves everyone”. She’s a major head butter, especially in the morning when she thinks everyone should rise and shine (about 5:30 am). Missy is the "alpha" in our house, and at a whopping 5.5 lbs., she knows how to throw her weight around!

Missy is featured on our top of our home page and is from champion and grand champion blood lines.

Missy's pedigree.


"One cat justs leads to another."
- Ernest Hemingway




Ch Eszencia La Vita E Bella Aselma - Bella. A home grown gal, and we're very proud of her. A progeny of Missy and Hot Wheels, this gal will remain with us due to her excellent features, including her long legs and nice ears and head, and as it turns out, her fabulous coat (even, clear and a vibrant melon color!)








Eszencia Sea Sprite- One of three offspring from Eszencia La Vita E Bella Aselma and Glendoveer's Hells Bells .... we think Sprite is exquisite, with a personality to match ....







Eszencia Elfin Mischief - Elf .....








Eszencia Bugsy Mallone - Bugs .... she is a progeny from Habashah Buglet of Eszencia and Eszencia Devils Got A New Desguise










Eszencia Abyssinian Cats

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